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We encourage all to come out and do whatever they can.  All coaches must have USSF licences. We are dedicated to giving kids high level coaching, as well as, having fun on the field.

Be a Coach
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Working with kids that have these needs may be the most rewarding aspect of what we do.  Mentors are the key to the kids success and this programs.

Be a Mentor


Every dime counts.  100% of our donations goes towards helping the kids.  We you donate you are reaching youth with endless potential and limited opportunity.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we accept large or small donations.  If you would like to be a corporate sponsor please contact us!

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If you are a small or local business and want to reach out and help a child in need, sponsoring a child gives them the opportunity that they would otherwise not have without your donation.   A sponsorship of $500 gives a child a mentor, uniform, registration, and the ability to fully experience what it is like to be part of a team.  You get updates on how the child is doing on and off the field, the ability to meet and greet, and recognition with the Charleston Kix program through website and social media.